MTB Tip of the Week: Episode 1 – Cold Fingers Remedy

A few weeks ago, on a ride at the San Juan Trail, we had a Linked Cycling “Fall Epic Ride” I attended.  I always look forward to meeting up with the other Southern California members in Linked Cycling because they are not only some of the best riders I have had the pleasure to ride with (Ryan Cox won the XC CAT 1 National title this year at Mammoth Mountain!), they are also some of the nicest, most humble guys one could ever meet.

My buddy Seany is one of the guys from the Orange County chapter of Linked Cycling. He had a tip for us that morning, as we embarked on one of the coldest mornings yet that year (it snowed the night before on the peak just north of us).

In the video below, I explain how this tip has helped me and why I carry this item with me on every ride from late fall to early spring.



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