Plus Bike Data for Checking Compatability

Plus Bike Data for Checking Compatability

From chatting with many people involved in the “27.5+ /29+ Bikes” Facebook group , which I started in the fall of 2014, it was obvious that we needed a single location for measurements associated with the new plus-bike platforms.


I developed this spreadsheet with a growing series of tables to capture the data as it is measured and shared by others who are exploring these plus-bike platforms with us.


As it sits today (last modified: 2016.01.09), we have 6 tables (see tabs at bottom) to incorporate data for:

  1. 27.5+ Tires
  2. 29+ Tires
  3. 29er Tires on Plus-sized Rims (for comparing with the Plus sizes)
  4. 27.5+ Rims
  5. 29+ Rims
  6. 27.5+ Forks
  7. 29+ Forks

If you have data to add, please feel free to email me at with the following:

Subject: Spreadsheet Data for 27.5+ Tires

Email Body: 

Paste in the header of the table you are wanting to update like this:

Make Model Options (casing, tubeless, compounds, etc.) Claimed Weight (g) Measured Weight (g) Measured Tread Width (in) Measured Casing Width (in) Rim Width (mm) Used for Measuring Tire’s Width Link to Picture of Tire on Scale Product Website MSRP (USD) Ride Notes

Then add the values in the order given, such as:

Bontrager Chupacabra TLR 980 921.3 3 2.85 35mm (30.2mm internal) $120 Hooks up very well, lightweight

This will make things much easier for me. Please do not ask to edit the table directly. There are various reasons for this. If you see incorrect data, we can edit it in some circumstances, or add a new line with your data.






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